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A Revolutionary Approach

With a new era upon us, and with a strong proactive and strategically based mindset firmly in place, we created a unique suite of services designed specifically to create, maintain and protect wealth in the new economy.
As a result, our clients now have access to three truly revolutionary wealth management programs:
Our Economic Insight Committee is an independent team of CFA’s, PhD’s and economists with diverse backgrounds, investment philosophies, knowledge bases and strengths. Their job is to provide us with timely information and analysis so that we can choose the best course for you.
Critical Difference: Real-time strategic analysis. Not simply when it’s time to re-balance or talk about a new goal, but every single day. Our Economic Insight Committee is continually working on your wealth.
Stop Loss Protection means that the risk you are willing to take is being managed. If the value of your account drops by a certain percentage, we take immediate action in an effort to prevent further loss. Stop Loss Protection is available as a service to clients with balances of $50,000 or more.
Critical Difference: An innovative wealth management strategy that aims to help guard against excess loss in value.
Real-Time Research gives the average investor access to quality funds on an affordable fee basis with full transparency, using investment strategies that are highly proactive and fully liquid. Our progressive real-time research technologies are teamed with a back end system that doesn't discriminate based on the size of your portfolio. Action will be taken on your behalf based on blind and random cueing, not your net worth.
Critical Difference: Access to the same investment tools, resources and strategies as high-wealth individuals.

All investments contain risk and may lose value. No investment strategy can assure success or guarantee against loss.