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Wisdom at Work

Because everything we do revolves around the partnership we form with you, we’ve designed the process of planning for your future in a way that encourages your full involvement in the pursuit of your financial, life and business goals. Here’s how the Wisdom at Work process and system works for you:

  • Step One: Discovery – This is where we get up to speed on where you’ve been, where you’re going and who you are. It’s also where we uncover your big “Why’s,” the reasons behind your goals and the answer to the most critical question we ask: What’s important to you? Discovery involves an initial meeting and a follow up presentation. We prefer to meet with you in person, but we are respectful of your time and work with you in whatever way is best for you.
  • Step Two: Start Up – This is where we begin to put what we’ve learned in Discovery into action – and get you started as an official client. You’ll meet your support team, establish and learn how to use your My Y Central portal if appropriate, and we’ll outline next steps for both you and ourselves.
  • Step Three: Proactive Planning – Here, we’ll begin to create, maintain and protect your wealth and/or address your corporate benefits needs. We’ll use the next steps determined in the Start Up Phase to begin the process, and once those foundational action items are complete, we’ll plan the exact path to your “Why.”
  • Step Four/Ongoing: Proactive Partners – At this point in the process, we are proactively managing your wealth and/or supporting your corporate benefits program, engaging you in the process and making highly informed daily decisions based on the advice of our Economic Insight Committee.The Proactive Partners phase is the ongoing relationship we have with you. It is the final phase in our process and also the phase we will remain in throughout our partnership with you.

As your proactive partners, we will keep you involved in the pursuit of your goals using various tools. These may include:

  • Timely e-mails regarding decisions made on your behalf.
  • Weekly articles, videos, a monthly eNewsletter and more.
  • My Y Central check in reminder notices.
  • In-person or phone meetings scheduled throughout the year.
  • Invitations to special Young & Company learning events.
  • Our online network.